To Brussels

The easiest way to get to Brussels is by train, plane or car. Let us show you the way!

Zip comfortably from London to Brussels in 2 hours. Woosh!

From NL, FR or DE to BXL in the blink of an eye. Go!

You’ll be in Brussels in no time! The airport is just a stone’s throw from the city centre.

In Brussels

Don’t feel up to discovering (all of) Brussels on foot? Then there are several other options, ranging from public transportation to taxis and bikes.

Rent a bicycle at one of 360 Villo hubs and roam the city on two wheels.

Bus, tram or metro: plenty of options to get about in the city.

Just wave down a taxi. They’re the ones with a yellow-and-black checkered line on the sides.

Spend the night in Brussels

A modern, cosy or artistic room. Where would you like to hit the sack?

Take a nap in an artistic and inspiring atmosphere.

Spend the night in loft style, in the heart of the artsy neighborhood.

A spectacular panoramic view from your room, high above the Brussels skyline.

No 2 rooms are the same, thanks to the unique murals hand-painted by young artists.

An elegant place to regroup and recharge during your visit to Brussels.

Catch some Z's at the NH on BXL's most beautiful square.


Need more practical info? Just ask the Brussels Tourism Agency.